Commit 7039eecf authored by Jochen Bauer's avatar Jochen Bauer
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adding everything as submodules

parent ddddc299
[submodule "spn-gameserver"]
path = spn-gameserver
url =
[submodule "spn-relayserver"]
path = spn-relayserver
url =
[submodule "uWebSockets"]
path = uWebSockets
url =
[submodule "TcpServer"]
path = TcpServer
url =
[submodule "spn-website"]
path = spn-website
url =
Subproject commit 01bed4031046231c1636991672e3e3d75b258e63
Subproject commit f75c14c000944715d82010ec32311031f762b46d
Subproject commit 6119869f5a3d1bf751fa9e4ca9eab6577a8943e4
Subproject commit 7a6bed16bf345f80cbbb588328c7166017d73c62
Subproject commit e2ee2adf51c71a17faf1cc8a328a52b617b2e4cb
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