Commit ad7c86e4 authored by nachtgold's avatar nachtgold
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submodule paths made relative

parent ebbbc5b0
[submodule "lib/TcpServer"]
path = lib/TcpServer
url =
url = ../TcpServer.git
[submodule "lib/msgpack-c"]
path = lib/msgpack-c
url =
[submodule "lib/uWebSockets"]
path = lib/uWebSockets
url =
url = ../uWebSockets.git
branch = cmake
[submodule "lib/nlohmann"]
path = lib/nlohmann
Subproject commit c3f4e52bdbc4ab98fd82cab6d8694289edb2a43c
Subproject commit a133c1d3936fd18e2a57837d1d4e06f4fa866aee
Subproject commit 46ec2fddf8774af2f9368bf563dd6e32fa91d77e
Subproject commit 183390c10b8ba4aa33934ae593f82f352befefc8
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