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## Version 9.12.0
New language:
- *MikroTik* RouterOS Scripting language by [Ivan Dementev][].
New style:
- *VisualStudio 2015 Dark* by [Nicolas LLOBERA][]
- *Crystal* updated with new keywords and syntaxes by [Tsuyusato Kitsune][].
- *Julia* updated to the modern definitions by [Alex Arslan][].
- *julia-repl* added by [Morten Piibeleht][].
- [Stanislav Belov][] wrote a new definition for *1C*, replacing the one that
has not been updated for more than 8 years. The new version supports syntax
for versions 7.7 and 8.
- [Nicolas LLOBERA][] improved C# definition fixing edge cases with function
titles detection and added highlighting of `[Attributes]`.
- [nnnik][] provided a few correctness fixes for *Autohotkey*.
- [Martin Clausen][] made annotation collections in *Clojure* to look
consistently with other kinds.
- [Alejandro Alonso][] updated *Swift* keywords.
[Tsuyusato Kitsune]:
[Alex Arslan]:
[Morten Piibeleht]:
[Stanislav Belov]:
[Ivan Dementev]:
[Nicolas LLOBERA]:
[Martin Clausen]:
[Alejandro Alonso]:
## Version 9.11.0
New languages:
- *Shell* by [Tsuyusato Kitsune][]
- *jboss-cli* by [Raphaël Parrëe][]
- [Joël Porquet] has [greatly improved the definition of *makefile*][5b3e0e6].
- *C++* class titles are now highlighted as in other languages with classes.
- [Jordi Petit][] added rarely used `or`, `and` and `not` keywords to *C++*.
- [Pieter Vantorre][] fixed highlighting of negative floating point values.
[Tsuyusato Kitsune]:
[Jordi Petit]:
[Raphaël Parrëe]:
[Pieter Vantorre]:
## Version 9.10.0
Apologies for missing the previous release cycle. Some thing just can't be
automated… Anyway, we're back!
New languages:
- *Hy* by [Sergey Sobko][]
- *Leaf* by [Hale Chan][]
- *N1QL* by [Andres Täht][] and [Rene Saarsoo][]
- *Rust* got updated with new keywords by [Kasper Andersen][] and then
significantly modernized even more by [Eduard-Mihai Burtescu][] (yes, @eddyb,
Rust core team member!)
- *Python* updated with f-literals by [Philipp A][].
- *YAML* updated with unquoted strings support.
- *Gauss* updated with new keywords by [Matt Evans][].
- *Lua* updated with new keywords by [Joe Blow][].
- *Kotlin* updated with new keywords by [Philipp Hauer][].
- *TypeScript* got highlighting of function params and updated keywords by
[Ike Ku][].
- *Scheme* now correctly handles \`-quoted lists thanks to [Guannan Wei].
- [Sam Wu][] fixed handling of `<<` in *C++* defines.
[Philipp A]:
[Philipp Hauer]:
[Sergey Sobko]:
[Hale Chan]:
[Matt Evans]:
[Joe Blow]:
[Kasper Andersen]:
[Eduard-Mihai Burtescu]:
[Andres Täht]:
[Rene Saarsoo]:
[Philipp Hauer]:
[Ike Ku]:
[Guannan Wei]:
[Sam Wu]:
## Version 9.9.0
New languages
- *LLVM* by [Michael Rodler][]
- *TypeScript* updated with annotations and param lists inside constructors, by
[Raphael Parree][].
- *CoffeeScript* updated with new keywords and fixed to recognize JavaScript
in \`\`\`, thanks to thanks to [Geoffrey Booth][].
- Compiler directives in *Delphi* are now correctly highlighted as "meta".
[Raphael Parree]:
[Michael Rodler]:
[Geoffrey Booth]:
## Version 9.8.0 "New York"
This version is the second one that deserved a name. Because I'm in New York,
and the release isn't missing the deadline only because it's still Tuesday on
West Coast.
New languages:
- *Clean* by [Camil Staps][]
- *Flix* by [Magnus Madsen][]
- [Kenton Hamaluik][] did a comprehensive update for *Haxe*.
- New commands for *PowerShell* from [Nicolas Le Gall][].
- [Jan T. Sott][] updated *NSIS*.
- *Java* and *Swift* support unicode characters in identifiers thanks to
[Alexander Lichter][].
[Camil Staps]:
[Magnus Madsen]:
[Kenton Hamaluik]:
[Nicolas Le Gall]:
[Jan T. Sott]:
[Alexander Lichter]:
## Version 9.7.0
A comprehensive bugfix release. This is one of the best things about
highlight.js: even boring things keep getting better (even if slow).
- VHDL updated with PSL keywords and uses more consistent styling.
- Nested C-style comments no longer break highlighting in many languages.
- JavaScript updated with `=>` functions, highlighted object attributes and
parsing within template string substitution blocks (`${...}`).
- Fixed another corner case with self-closing `<tag/>` in JSX.
- Added `HEALTHCHECK` directive in Docker.
- Delphi updated with new Free Pascal keywords.
- Fixed digit separator parsing in C++.
- C# updated with new keywords and fixed to allow multiple identifiers within
generics `<...>`.
- Fixed another slow regex in Less.
## Version 9.6.0
New languages:
- *ABNF* and *EBNF* by [Alex McKibben][]
- *Awk* by [Matthew Daly][]
- *SubUnit* by [Sergey Bronnikov][]
New styles:
- *Atom One* in both Dark and Light variants by [Daniel Gamage][]
Plus, a few smaller updates for *Lasso*, *Elixir*, *C++* and *SQL*.
[Alex McKibben]:
[Daniel Gamage]:
[Matthew Daly]:
[Sergey Bronnikov]:
## Version 9.5.0
New languages:
- *Excel* by [Victor Zhou][]
- *Linden Scripting Language* by [Builder's Brewery][]
- *TAP* (Test Anything Protocol) by [Sergey Bronnikov][]
- *Pony* by [Joe Eli McIlvain][]
- *Coq* by [Stephan Boyer][]
- *dsconfig* and *LDIF* by [Jacob Childress][]
New styles:
- *Ocean Dark* by [Gavin Siu][]
Notable changes:
- [Minh Nguyễn][] added more built-ins to Objective C.
- [Jeremy Hull][] fixed corner cases in C++ preprocessor directives and Diff
- [Victor Zhou][] added support for digit separators in C++ numbers.
[Gavin Siu]:
[Builder's Brewery]:
[Victor Zhou]:
[Sergey Bronnikov]:
[Joe Eli McIlvain]:
[Stephan Boyer]:
[Jacob Childress]:
[Minh Nguyễn]:
[Jeremy Hull]:
## Version 9.4.0
New languages:
- *PureBASIC* by [Tristano Ajmone][]
- *BNF* by [Oleg Efimov][]
- *Ada* by [Lars Schulna][]
New styles:
- *PureBASIC* by [Tristano Ajmone][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- We now highlight function declarations in Go.
- [Taisuke Fujimoto][] contributed very convoluted rules for raw and
interpolated strings in C#.
- [Boone Severson][] updated Verilog to comply with IEEE 1800-2012
- [Victor Zhou][] improved rules for comments and strings in PowerShell files.
- [Janis Voigtländer][] updated the definition of Elm to version 0.17 of the
languages. Elm is now featured on the front page of <>.
- Special variable `$this` is highlighted as a keyword in PHP.
- `usize` and `isize` are now highlighted in Rust.
- Fixed labels and directives in x86 assembler.
[Tristano Ajmone]:
[Taisuke Fujimoto]:
[Oleg Efimov]:
[Boone Severson]:
[Victor Zhou]:
[Lars Schulna]:
[Janis Voigtländer]:
## Version 9.3.0
New languages:
- *Tagger Script* by [Philipp Wolfer][]
- *MoonScript* by [Billy Quith][]
New styles:
- *xt256* by [Herbert Shin][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- More robust handling of unquoted HTML tag attributes
- Relevance tuning for QML which was unnecessary eager at seizing other
languages' code
- Improve GAMS language parsing
- Fixed a bunch of bugs around selectors in Less
- Kotlin's got a new definition for annotations, updated keywords and other
minor improvements
- Added `move` to Rust keywords
- Markdown now recognizes \`\`\`-fenced code blocks
- Improved detection of function declarations in C++ and C#
[Philipp Wolfer]:
[Billy Quith]:
[Herbert Shin]:
## Version 9.2.0
New languages:
- *QML* by [John Foster][]
- *HTMLBars* by [Michael Johnston][]
- *CSP* by [Taras][]
- *Maxima* by [Robert Dodier][]
New styles:
- *Gruvbox* by [Qeole][]
- *Dracula* by [Denis Ciccale][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- We now correctly handle JSX with arbitrary node tree depth.
- Argument list for `(lambda)` in Scheme is no longer highlighted as a function
- Stylus syntax doesn't break on valid CSS.
- More correct handling of comments and strings and other improvements for
- More subtle work on the default style.
- We now use anonymous modules for AMD.
- `macro_rules!` is now recognized as a built-in in Rust.
[John Foster]:
[Denis Ciccale]:
[Michael Johnston]:
[Robert Dodier]:
## Version 9.1.0
New languages:
- *Stan* by [Brendan Rocks][]
- *BASIC* by [Raphaël Assénat][]
- *GAUSS* by [Matt Evans][]
- *DTS* by [Martin Braun][]
- *Arduino* by [Stefania Mellai][]
New Styles:
- *Arduino Light* by [Stefania Mellai][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- Handle return type annotations in Python
- Allow shebang headers in Javascript
- Support strings in Rust meta
- Recognize `struct` as a class-level definition in Rust
- Recognize b-prefixed chars and strings in Rust
- Better numbers handling in Verilog
[Brendan Rocks]:
[Raphaël Assénat]:
[Matt Evans]:
[Martin Braun]:
[Stefania Mellai]:
## Version 9.0.0
The new major version brings a reworked styling system. Highlight.js now defines
a limited set of highlightable classes giving a consistent result across all the
styles and languages. You can read a more detailed explanation and background in
the [tracking issue][#348] that started this long process back in May.
This change is backwards incompatible for those who uses highlight.js with a
custom stylesheet. The [new style guide][sg] explains how to write styles
in this new world.
Bundled themes have also suffered a significant amount of improvements and may
look different in places, but all the things now consistent and make more sense.
Among others, the Default style has got a refresh and will probably be tweaked
some more in next releases. Please do give your feedback in our
[issue tracker][issues].
New languages in this release:
- *Caché Object Script* by [Nikita Savchenko][]
- *YAML* by [Stefan Wienert][]
- *MIPS Assembler* by [Nebuleon Fumika][]
- *HSP* by [prince][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- ECMAScript 6 modules import now do not require closing semicolon.
- ECMAScript 6 classes constructors now highlighted.
- Template string support for Typescript, as for ECMAScript 6.
- Scala case classes params highlight fixed.
- Built-in names introduced in Julia v0.4 added by [Kenta Sato][].
- Refreshed Default style.
Other notable changes:
- [Web workers support][webworkers] added bu [Jan Kühle][].
- We now have tests for compressed browser builds as well.
- The building tool chain has been switched to node.js 4.x. and is now
shamelessly uses ES6 features all over the place, courtesy of [Jeremy Hull][].
- License added to non-compressed browser build.
[Jan Kühle]:
[Stefan Wienert]:
[Kenta Sato]:
[Nikita Savchenko]:
[Jeremy Hull]:
[Nebuleon Fumika]:
## Version 8.9.1
Some last-minute changes reverted due to strange bug with minified browser build:
- Scala case classes params highlight fixed
- ECMAScript 6 modules import now do not require closing semicolon
- ECMAScript 6 classes constructors now highlighted
- Template string support for Typescript, as for ECMAScript 6
- License added to not minified browser build
## Version 8.9.0
New languages:
- *crmsh* by [Kristoffer Gronlund][]
- *SQF* by [Soren Enevoldsen][]
[Kristoffer Gronlund]:
[Soren Enevoldsen]:
Notable fixes and improvements to existing languages:
- Added `abstract` and `namespace` keywords to TypeScript by [Daniel Rosenwasser][]
- Added `label` support to Dockerfile by [Ladislav Prskavec][]
- Crystal highlighting improved by [Tsuyusato Kitsune][]
- Missing Swift keywords added by [Nate Cook][]
- Improve detection of C block comments
- ~~Scala case classes params highlight fixed~~
- ~~ECMAScript 6 modules import now do not require closing semicolon~~
- ~~ECMAScript 6 classes constructors now highlighted~~
- ~~Template string support for Typescript, as for ECMAScript 6~~
Other notable changes:
- ~~License added to not minified browser build~~
[Kristoffer Gronlund]:
[Søren Enevoldsen]:
[Daniel Rosenwasser]:
[Ladislav Prskavec]:
[Tsuyusato Kitsune]:
[Nate Cook]:
## Version 8.8.0
New languages:
- *Golo* by [Philippe Charrière][]
- *GAMS* by [Stefan Bechert][]
- *IRPF90* by [Anthony Scemama][]
- *Access logs* by [Oleg Efimov][]
- *Crystal* by [Tsuyusato Kitsune][]
Notable fixes and improvements to existing languages:
- JavaScript highlighting no longer fails with ES6 default parameters
- Added keywords `async` and `await` to Python
- PHP heredoc support improved
- Allow preprocessor directives within C++ functions
Other notable changes:
- Change versions to X.Y.Z SemVer-compatible format
- Added ability to build all targets at once
[Philippe Charrière]:
[Stefan Bechert]:
[Anthony Scemama]:
[Oleg Efimov]:
[Tsuyusato Kitsune]:
## Version 8.7
New languages:
- *Zephir* by [Oleg Efimov][]
- *Elm* by [Janis Voigtländer][]
- *XQuery* by [Dirk Kirsten][]
- *Mojolicious* by [Dotan Dimet][]
- *AutoIt* by Manh Tuan from [J2TeaM][]
- *Toml* (ini extension) by [Guillaume Gomez][]
New styles:
- *Hopscotch* by [Jan T. Sott][]
- *Grayscale* by [MY Sun][]
Notable fixes and improvements to existing languages:
- Fix encoding of images when copied over in certain builds
- Fix incorrect highlighting of the word "bug" in comments
- Treat decorators different from matrix multiplication in Python
- Fix traits inheritance highlighting in Rust
- Fix incorrect document
- Oracle keywords added to SQL language definition by [Vadimtro][]
- Postgres keywords added to SQL language definition by [Benjamin Auder][]
- Fix registers in x86asm being highlighted as a hex number
- Fix highlighting for numbers with a leading decimal point
- Correctly highlight numbers and strings inside of C/C++ macros
- C/C++ functions now support pointer, reference, and move returns
[Oleg Efimov]:
[Guillaume Gomez]:
[Janis Voigtländer]:
[Jan T. Sott]:
[Dirk Kirsten]:
[MY Sun]:
[Benjamin Auder]:
[Dotan Dimet]:
## Version 8.6
New languages:
- *C/AL* by [Kenneth Fuglsang][]
- *DNS zone file* by [Tim Schumacher][]
- *Ceylon* by [Lucas Werkmeister][]
- *OpenSCAD* by [Dan Panzarella][]
- *Inform7* by [Bruno Dias][]
- *armasm* by [Dan Panzarella][]
- *TP* by [Jay Strybis][]
New styles:
- *Atelier Cave*, *Atelier Estuary*,
*Atelier Plateau* and *Atelier Savanna* by [Bram de Haan][]
- *Github Gist* by [Louis Barranqueiro][]
Notable fixes and improvements to existing languages:
- Multi-line raw strings from C++11 are now supported
- Fix class names with dashes in HAML
- The `async` keyword from ES6/7 is now supported
- TypeScript functions handle type and parameter complexity better
- We unified phpdoc/javadoc/yardoc etc modes across all languages
- CSS .class selectors relevance was dropped to prevent wrong language detection
- Images is now included to CDN build
- Release process is now automated
[Bram de Haan]:
[Kenneth Fuglsang]:
[Louis Barranqueiro]:
[Tim Schumacher]:
[Lucas Werkmeister]:
[Dan Panzarella]:
[Bruno Dias]:
[Jay Strybis]:
## Version 8.5
New languages:
- *pf.conf* by [Peter Piwowarski][]
- *Julia* by [Kenta Sato][]
- *Prolog* by [Raivo Laanemets][]
- *Docker* by [Alexis Hénaut][]
- *Fortran* by [Anthony Scemama][] and [Thomas Applencourt][]
- *Kotlin* by [Sergey Mashkov][]
New styles:
- *Agate* by [Taufik Nurrohman][]
- *Darcula* by [JetBrains][]
- *Atelier Sulphurpool* by [Bram de Haan][]
- *Android Studio* by [Pedro Oliveira][]
Notable fixes and improvements to existing languages:
- ES6 features in JavaScript are better supported now by [Gu Yiling][].
- Swift now recognizes body-less method definitions.
- Single expression functions `def foo, do: ... ` now work in Elixir.
- More uniform detection of built-in classes in Objective C.
- Fixes for number literals and processor directives in Rust.
- HTML `<script>` tag now allows any language, not just JavaScript.
- Multi-line comments are supported now in MatLab.
[Taufik Nurrohman]:
[Jet Brains]:
[Peter Piwowarski]:
[Kenta Sato]:
[Bram de Haan]:
[Raivo Laanemets]:
[Alexis Hénaut]:
[Anthony Scemama]:
[Pedro Oliveira]:
[Gu Yiling]:
[Sergey Mashkov]:
[Thomas Applencourt]:
## Version 8.4
We've got the new [demo page][]! The obvious new feature is the new look, but
apart from that it's got smarter: by presenting languages in groups it avoids
running 10000 highlighting attempts after first load which was slowing it down
and giving bad overall impression. It is now also being generated from test
code snippets so the authors of new languages don't have to update both tests
and the demo page with the same thing.
Other notable changes:
- The `template_comment` class is gone in favor of the more general `comment`.
- Number parsing unified and improved across languages.
- C++, Java and C# now use unified grammar to highlight titles in
function/method definitions.
- The browser build is now usable as an AMD module, there's no separate build
target for that anymore.
- OCaml has got a [comprehensive overhaul][ocaml] by [Mickaël Delahaye][].
- Clojure's data structures and literals are now highlighted outside of lists
and we can now highlight Clojure's REPL sessions.
New languages:
- *AspectJ* by [Hakan Özler][]