Commit 0ed56490 authored by Alex Hultman's avatar Alex Hultman
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Fix up Windows nodejs make.bat

parent 35814945
......@@ -8,8 +8,16 @@ curl | tar xz -C targe
curl > targets/node-v7.1.0/node.lib
cl /I targets/node-v6.4.0/include/node /EHsc /Ox /LD /Fedist/uws_win32_48.node src/addon.cpp ../src/*.cpp targets/node-v6.4.0/node.lib
cl /I targets/node-v7.1.0/include/node /EHsc /Ox /LD /Fedist/uws_win32_51.node src/addon.cpp ../src/*.cpp targets/node-v7.1.0/node.lib
cp ../ dist/
cp -r ../src dist/
cp src/addon.cpp dist/src/addon.cpp
cp src/addon.h dist/src/addon.h
cp src/http.h dist/src/http.h
cp src/uws.js dist/uws.js
cl /I targets/node-v6.4.0/include/node /EHsc /Ox /LD /Fedist/uws_win32_48.node dist/src/*.cpp targets/node-v6.4.0/node.lib
cl /I targets/node-v7.1.0/include/node /EHsc /Ox /LD /Fedist/uws_win32_51.node dist/src/*.cpp targets/node-v7.1.0/node.lib
rm *.obj
rm dist/*.exp
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