Commit d6aa51e9 authored by Caleb Xu's avatar Caleb Xu Committed by Alex Hultman
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Allow for installation to custom prefix (#751)

parent 06645c08
...@@ -13,14 +13,17 @@ install: ...@@ -13,14 +13,17 @@ install:
make install`(uname -s)` make install`(uname -s)`
.PHONY: installLinux .PHONY: installLinux
installLinux: installLinux:
if [ -d "/usr/lib64" ]; then cp /usr/lib64/; else cp /usr/lib/; fi $(eval PREFIX ?= /usr)
mkdir -p /usr/include/uWS if [ -d "/usr/lib64" ]; then mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/lib64 && cp $(PREFIX)/lib64/; else mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/lib && cp $(PREFIX)/lib/; fi
cp src/*.h /usr/include/uWS/ mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/include/uWS
cp src/*.h $(PREFIX)/include/uWS/
.PHONY: installDarwin .PHONY: installDarwin
installDarwin: installDarwin:
cp libuWS.dylib /usr/local/lib/ $(eval PREFIX ?= /usr/local)
mkdir -p /usr/local/include/uWS mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/lib
cp src/*.h /usr/local/include/uWS/ cp libuWS.dylib $(PREFIX)/lib/
mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/include/uWS
cp src/*.h $(PREFIX)/include/uWS/
.PHONY: clean .PHONY: clean
clean: clean:
rm -f rm -f
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