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labyrinth class

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# class for the labyrinth
from enum import Enum
class Labyrinth:
class GroundType(Enum):
WALL = 2
class Field:
def __init__(self,groundtype,column,row,labyrinth):
# please only read from these members
self.groundtype = groundtype
self.column = column
self.row = row
self.labyrinth = labyrinth
# the following usually change
self.things = [] # list of things/players on this field
def _removeThing(self,thing):
def _addThing(self,thing):
assert self.things.count(thing) == 0
assert self.groundtype != Labyrinth.GroundType.WALL
def toString(self):
# always starts with there is/there are
if self.groundtype == Labyrinth.GroundType.WALL:
return "there is a wall"
if len(self.things) == 0:
return "there is nothing"
elif len(self.things) == 1:
return "there is "+self.things[0].toString()
return "there are "+(", ".join([x.toString() for x in self.things[:-1]]))+" and "+self.things[-1].toString()
# constructor for a completely read labyrinth
def __init__(self,width=None,height=None,stream=None):
if width is not None: # empty labyrinth of given size
assert height is not None
assert stream is None
self.tiles = [[Labyrinth.Field(GroundType.FLOOR,col,row,self) for col in range(width)] for row in range(height)]
elif height is not None:
assert False # width None, height not
elif stream is not None:
self.tiles = self._readlab(stream)
# function for reading a labyrinth from a file
def _readlab (self,stream):
tiles = []
for rownum,line in enumerate(stream):
row = []
for colnum,char in enumerate(line):
if char in [' ','0']:
elif char in ['W','w','#','1']:
return tiles
def onThingMoved (self, thing, oldField, newField):
assert oldField.labyrinth == self
assert newField.labyrinth == self
\ No newline at end of file
# function for reading a labyrinth
def readlab (stream):
field = []
for line in stream:
row = []
for char in line:
if char in [' ','0']:
row.append(' ')
elif char in ['W','w','#','1']:
return field
\ No newline at end of file
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