Commit 4505d7ff authored by Ralf's avatar Ralf
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tell adins first

parent 69d4af14
...@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ class Game: ...@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ class Game:
self.labyrinth.createThing(treasure,ttile) self.labyrinth.createThing(treasure,ttile)
euclid = Euclid(self) euclid = Euclid(self)
etile = random.choice(self.labyrinth.getFreeTiles()) etile = random.choice(self.labyrinth.getFreeTiles())
#self.labyrinth.createThing(euclid,etile) self.labyrinth.createThing(euclid,etile)
eliza = Extern(self, "Eliza", "Z", os.path.join(scriptDir, "eliza"), "./simple") eliza = Extern(self, "Eliza", "Z", os.path.join(scriptDir, "eliza"), "./simple")
ztile = random.choice(self.labyrinth.getFreeTiles()) ztile = random.choice(self.labyrinth.getFreeTiles())
self.labyrinth.createThing(eliza,ztile) self.labyrinth.createThing(eliza,ztile)
...@@ -152,11 +152,11 @@ class Labyrinth: ...@@ -152,11 +152,11 @@ class Labyrinth:
self.tell(teller, teller.neighborThings(), verb, message) self.tell(teller, teller.neighborThings(), verb, message)
def tell(self,teller,tolds,verb,message): def tell(self,teller,tolds,verb,message):
for thing in tolds:
assert thing != teller
for admin in for admin in
if hasattr(teller,'uid'): if hasattr(teller,'uid'):
admin.send("player {0} {1}s: {2}".format(teller.uid, verb, message)) admin.send("player {0} {1}s: {2}".format(teller.uid, verb, message))
else: else:
admin.send("{0} {1}s: {2}".format(str(teller), verb, message)) admin.send("{0} {1}s: {2}".format(str(teller), verb, message))
for thing in tolds:
assert thing != teller
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