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implement some player commands

parent 30476a55
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ class Game:
self.sel = selectors.DefaultSelector()
self.sel.register(self.sock, selectors.EVENT_READ, self.accept)
# low-level functions
def accept(self, sock, mask):
assert sock == self.sock
conn, addr = sock.accept() # Should be ready
......@@ -40,3 +41,6 @@ class Game:
for key, mask in events:
callback =
callback(key.fileobj, mask)
# high(er)-level functions
from util import *
from thing import Thing
from labyrinth import directions as directionOffsets
class Player:
goVerbs = ['go', 'walk']
sayVerbs = ['say', 'talk', 'scream']
class Player(Thing):
def __init__(self, game, conn):
self.buffer = b"" = game
self.conn = conn
......@@ -20,16 +26,49 @@ class Player:
if data:
self.buffer += data
pos = self.buffer.find(b'\n')
if pos >= 0:
while pos >= 0:
cmd = self.buffer[:pos]
self.buffer = self.buffer[pos+1:]
# maybe we got several lines?
pos = self.buffer.find(b'\n')
def toString(self):
def __str__(self):
return "another player"
# high(er)-level functions
def readCmd(self, cmd):
self.send("Selber "+cmd)
words = cmd.lower().split()
if not words:
self.send("What did you mean?")
verb = words[0]
if verb in goVerbs:
if len(words) >= 3 and words[1:3] == ["to", "the"]:
direction = words[3:]
direction = words[1:]
if len(direction) != 1 or direction[0] not in directionOffsets:
self.send("Where do you want to go?")
dy, dx = directionOffsets.get(direction[0])
target = self.field.neighbor(dy=dy, dx=dx)
if target is None or not target.isWalkable():
self.send("Sorry, you cannot go there")
return, target)
elif verb in sayVerbs:
msg = " ".join(words[1:])
for dx, dy in [(0, 0)]+directionOffsets.values():
for thing in self.field.neighbor(dx=dx, dy=dy):
if isinstance(thing, Player) and thing != self:
thing.send("You hear someone saying: "+msg)
self.send("You say: "+msg)
def onMove(self, newField):
desc =
return True
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