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......@@ -4,6 +4,19 @@
use std::fmt;
use actors::Actor;
/// The `ForwardActor` forwards actions to the global book keeper
pub struct ForwardActor<T> {
dummy: T,
// TODO keep a handle to the global book keeper in this struct
impl<T: Send+fmt::Debug> Actor<T> for ForwardActor<T> {
fn act(&mut self, t: T) {
println!("{:?}", t);
/// The `RecordActor` just records the action in a `Vec`.
pub struct RecordActor<T> {
record: Vec<T>,
......@@ -15,6 +15,15 @@ pub struct Actors {
buzz: Box<Actor<bool>>,
/// Corresponds to the position of the respective actor in struct Actors.
/// It is used for testing, to check that the correct actor is activated.
pub enum ActorType {
/// A [Situation] is something that can deal with all events coming in at a
/// particular time. It has access to the actors and can handle events by
/// using the [Environment]. When done, it has to return back all the actors,
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ pub mod util;
pub mod input;
pub mod actors;
pub mod brain;
pub mod testing;
// FIXME everything below here is just a sketch
use std::fmt::Debug;
use brain::ActorType;
use testing::TestableEvent;
struct ActorActed<T>
where T: PartialEq + Eq + Debug + Copy + Clone
actor: ActorType,
act: T,
impl<T> TestableEvent for ActorActed<T>
where T: PartialEq + Eq + Debug + Copy + Clone
use std::fmt::Debug;
use std::cmp::Eq;
trait TestableEvent: Debug + Eq {}
mod events;
mod book_keeper;
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