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from libtuer import ThreadFunction, logger, fire_and_forget
from actor import Actor
import os, random, time
import os, random, time, threading
# logger.{debug,info,warning,error,critical}
......@@ -22,6 +22,10 @@ OPEN_REPEAT_NUMBER = 3
# StateFallback constants
FALLBACK_BLINK_SPEED = 0.5 # seconds
# StateAboutToOpen constants
ABOUTOPEN_NERVLIST = [(5, lambda : play_sound("flipswitch")), (5, lambda:play_sound("flipswitch")), (0, lambda:logger.warning("Space open but switch not flipped for 10 seconds")),\
(10, lambda:play_sound("flipswitch")), (10, lambda:play_sound("flipswitch")), (0, lambda:logger.error("Space open but switch not flipped for 30 seconds")),\
......@@ -133,9 +137,15 @@ class StateMachine():
return super().handle_pins_event()
class StateStart(State):
def __init__(self, sm, nervlist = None, fallback=False):
super().__init__(self, sm, nervlist)
self.fallback = fallback
def handle_pins_event(self):
pins = self.pins()
if not (pins.door_locked is None or pins.door_closed is None or pins.space_active is None or pins.bell_ringing is None):
if self.fallback:"Going to StateFallback because running in fallback mode")
return StateMachine.StateFallback(self.state_machine)
if pins.door_locked:"All sensors got a value, switching to a proper state: Space is closed")
return StateMachine.StateZu(self.state_machine)
......@@ -144,6 +154,46 @@ class StateMachine():
return StateMachine.StateAboutToOpen(self.state_machine)
return super().handle_pins_event()
class StateFallback(State):
def __init__(self, sm, nervlist = None):
super().__init__(self, sm, nervlist)
self._last_blink_time = time.time()
self._red_state = False
def handle_pins_event(self):
pins = self.pins()
# buzz if open and bell rang
if pins.space_active and pins.bell_ringing and not self.old_pins().bell_ringing:"StateFallback: Space switch on and door bell rung => buzzing")
# set green LED according to space switch
if pins.space_active:
# primitive leaving procedure if space switch turned off
if not pins.space_active and self.old_pins().space_active:
def _close_after_time():
t = threading.Thread(target=_close_after_time)
# not calling superclass because we want to stay in fallback mode
def handle_wakeup_event(self):
# blink red LED
now = time.time()
if now - self._last_blink_time < FALLBACK_BLINK_SPEED:
if self._red_state:
self._red_state = False
self._red_state = True
self._last_blink_time = now
def handle_cmd_unlock_event(self,arg):
if arg is not None:
arg("298 Fallback Okay: Trying to unlock the door. The System is in fallback mode, success information is not available.")
class StateZu(AbstractLockedState):
def handle_cmd_unlock_event(self,callback):
return StateMachine.StateUnlocking(self.state_machine, callback)
......@@ -255,10 +305,10 @@ class StateMachine():
return StateMachine.StateAuf(self.state_machine)
return super().handle_pins_event()
def __init__(self, actor):
def __init__(self, actor, fallback = False): = actor
self.callback = ThreadFunction(self._callback, name="StateMachine")
self.current_state = StateMachine.StateStart(self)
self.current_state = StateMachine.StateStart(self, fallback)
self.pins = None
self.old_pins = None
......@@ -9,10 +9,18 @@ parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Run a door')
parser.add_argument("-d", "--debug",
action="store_true", dest="debug",
help="Don't send emails")
parser.add_argument("-f", "--fallback",
action="store_true", dest="fallback",
help="Fallback mode for unfunctional hardware: Depend on less sensor input")
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.debug:
import libtuer
libtuer.mailAddress = []
if args.fallback:"Starting in fallback mode")
# to avoid exceptions or getting None
args.fallback = False
# Not let's go!"Starting up...")
......@@ -22,7 +30,7 @@ GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD)
# bring 'em all up
the_actor = actor.Actor()
the_machine = statemachine.StateMachine(the_actor)
the_machine = statemachine.StateMachine(the_actor, args.fallback)
the_socket = tysock.TySocket(the_machine)
the_pins = pins.PinsWatcher(the_machine)
the_waker = waker.Waker(the_machine)
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