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Be quiet at night

parent 0644bed1
from libtuer import ThreadFunction, logger, fire_and_forget, fire_and_forget_cmd
from actor import Actor
import os, random, time, threading
import os, random, time, threading, datetime
# logger.{debug,info,warning,error,critical}
......@@ -11,7 +11,9 @@ def play_sound (what):
logger.error("StateMachine: Unable to list sound files in %s" % (SOUNDS_DIRECTORY+what))
soundfile = SOUNDS_DIRECTORY + what + '/' + random.choice(soundfiles)
fire_and_forget_cmd ([SOUNDS_PLAYER,soundfile], "StateMachine: ")
hour = datetime.datetime.time(
volume = 60 if hour >= 22 or hour <= 6 else 95
fire_and_forget_cmd ([SOUNDS_PLAYER, "-volume", str(volume), soundfile], "StateMachine: ")
# convert an absolute nervlist to a relative one
def nervlist_abs2rel(nervlist_abs):
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