Commit 615e31f7 authored by Ralf's avatar Ralf
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remove now-unused variable

parent 78609160
......@@ -156,7 +156,6 @@ class StateMachine():
class StateFallback(State):
def __init__(self, sm, nervlist = None):
super().__init__(sm, nervlist)
self._last_blink_time = time.time()
self._red_state = False
def handle_pins_event(self):
pins = self.pins()
......@@ -178,14 +177,12 @@ class StateMachine():
# not calling superclass because we want to stay in fallback mode
def handle_wakeup_event(self):
# blink red LED
now = time.time()
if self._red_state:
self._red_state = False
self._red_state = True
self._last_blink_time = now
def handle_cmd_unlock_event(self,arg):
if arg is not None:
arg("298 Fallback Okay: Trying to unlock the door. The System is in fallback mode, success information is not available.")
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