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update the SpaceAPI at least once every 10 minutes (so the server could check for this heartbeat)

parent 2300f481
from threading import Lock
from libtuer import ThreadFunction, logger
import urllib.request
import urllib.request, time
from config import spaceApiKey
class SpaceApi:
def __init__ (self, waker):
self._state_to_set = None
self._state_last_set = None
self._local_state = None
self._remote_state = None
self._last_set_at = 0
self._running = True
self.set_state = ThreadFunction(self._set_state, "Space API")
self._set_state_lock = Lock()
waker.register(self.set_state, 10.0) # re-try setting the state every 10 seconds
waker.register(self.set_state, RETRY_TIME)
def stop (self):
......@@ -34,24 +37,14 @@ class SpaceApi:
def _set_state (self, state = None):
'''Sets the state, if None: leave state unchanged and re-try if previous attempts failed'''
if state is not None:
self._state_to_set = state
# always have a local variable because of parallelism
state = self._state_to_set
if not self._set_state_lock.acquire(False):
# we don't want many threads to wait here
# the next status update will fix everything anyways
# got the lock
# check if there's something we need to do
if self._state_last_set == state: return
self._local_state = state
# check if there's something we need to do: There's a valid state, and either the state has changed or
# we need to refresh our heartbeta)
now = time.time()
if self._local_state is not None and (self._local_state != self._remote_state or now > self._last_set_at+HEARTBEAT_TIME):
# take action!
success = self._do_request(state)
success = self._do_request(self._local_state)
# TODO error too often -> log critical to send mails
if success:
self._state_last_set = state
self._remote_state = self._local_state
self._last_set_at = now
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