Commit e5699318 authored by Constantin's avatar Constantin
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tidied up fire_and_forget_cmd for sound playing

parent b43971d2
......@@ -71,12 +71,13 @@ def fire_and_forget(f):
# run a command asynchronously and log the return value if not 0
# prefix must be a string identifying the code position where the call came from
def fire_and_forget_cmd (cmd, log, prefix):
def fire_and_forget_cmd (cmd, log_prefix):
logger.debug("Firing and forgetting command from %s: %s" % (log_prefix,str(cmd)))
def _fire_and_forget_cmd ():
with open("/dev/null", "w") as fnull:
retcode =, stdout=fnull, stderr=fnull)
if retcode is not 0:
logger.error("%sReturn code %d at command: %s" % (prefix,retcode,str(cmd)))
logger.error("%sReturn code %d at command: %s" % (log_prefix,retcode,str(cmd)))
# Threaded callback class
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ def play_sound (what):
logger.error("StateMachine: Unable to list sound files in %s" % (SOUNDS_DIRECTORY+what))
soundfile = SOUNDS_DIRECTORY + what + '/' + random.choice(soundfiles)
fire_and_forget_cmd ([SOUNDS_PLAYER,soundfile], logger.error, "StateMachine: ")
fire_and_forget_cmd ([SOUNDS_PLAYER,soundfile], "StateMachine: ")
# convert an absolute nervlist to a relative one
def nervlist_abs2rel(nervlist_abs):
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