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concept spaceAPI + Locking

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from threading import Lock
class SpaceApi:
__init__ (self, waker):
self._state_to_set = None # public write
self._state_last_set = None # public read FIXME why? getter?
self._state_to_set = None
self._state_last_set = None
self._running = True
self.set_state = ThreadFunction(self._set_state, "Space API")
self._set_state_lock = Lock()
waker.register(self.set_state, 10.0) # re-try setting the state every 10 seconds
def stop (self):
# set_state is the asynchronous version of _set_state (see __init__)
def _set_state (self, state = None):
'''Sets the state, if None: leave state unchanged and re-try if previous attempts failed'''
if state is not None:
self._state_to_set = state
# always have a local variable because of parallelism
state = self._state_to_set
if not self._set_state_lock.acquire(False):
# we don't want many threads to wait here
# the next status update will fix everything anyways
# got the lock
# check if there's something we need to do
if self._state_last_set == self._state_to_set: return
if self._state_last_set == state: return
# take action!
error = do_request(stts) # TODO
#TODO logging
#TODO error too often -> log critical to send mails
if not error:
self.state_last_set = stts
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