Commit 98c07b0d authored by Ralf's avatar Ralf

first working animation

parent cbc22435
import badge
import ugfx
import time
......@@ -17,3 +18,13 @@ ugfx.line(140 + len, 52, 140 + len, 70, ugfx.WHITE)
ugfx.string(140, 75, "Anyway", "Roboto_BlackItalic24", ugfx.WHITE)
# LED fanciness
def all_same_color(r, g, b, w):
led_array = [g, r, b, w]
badge.leds_send_data(bytes(led_array*6), 24)
while True:
for r in range(0, 256):
all_same_color(r, 255-r, 0, 2)
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