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Final version of the Sticker

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PUBLIC DOMAIN (statement from original designer via email 2014/01/30)
The FLF were created by various authors including myself and Mike Wright. When Casady & Greene, Inc. closed the rights went back to the authors. I created ChicagoFLF and CheckboxFLF. You are free to use them as you wish. I consider those two in the public domain.
Robin Casady
No changes were made except the following:
* Moved symbols to correct Unicode positions.
* Incorporated additional symbols from CheckboxFLF, which used identical
Basic Latin glyphs, and thus was essentially the "same" font with
different symbols.
* Very simple compositions from existing glyphs, and other homoglyphic
* Updates to some metadata.
Because no outlines were added or modified, this is, in a very real sense,
the "same" font as Robin's, so I've kept the same name and incremented
the version.
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