Commit 48bd042c authored by Philipp Hagemeister's avatar Philipp Hagemeister
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[facebook] Support single-video ID links

I stumbled upon this at . No idea how prevalent it is yet.
parent 84213ea8
......@@ -466,15 +466,18 @@ class FacebookIE(InfoExtractor):
return info_dict
if '/posts/' in url:
entries = [
self.url_result('facebook:%s' % vid, FacebookIE.ie_key())
for vid in self._parse_json(
webpage, 'video ids', group='ids'),
return self.playlist_result(entries, video_id)
video_id_json = self._search_regex(
r'(["\'])video_ids\1\s*:\s*(?P<ids>\[.+?\])', webpage, 'video ids', group='ids',
if video_id_json:
entries = [
self.url_result('facebook:%s' % vid, FacebookIE.ie_key())
for vid in self._parse_json(video_id_json, video_id)]
return self.playlist_result(entries, video_id)
# Single Video?
video_id = self._search_regex(r'video_id:\s*"([0-9]+)"', webpage, 'single video id')
return self.url_result('facebook:%s' % video_id, FacebookIE.ie_key())
_, info_dict = self._extract_from_url(
self._VIDEO_PAGE_TEMPLATE % video_id,
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