Unverified Commit 540b9f51 authored by JChris246's avatar JChris246 Committed by GitHub
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[pornhub] Fix view count extraction (#26621) (refs #26614)

parent 6e65a2a6
......@@ -341,7 +341,7 @@ class PornHubIE(PornHubBaseIE):
webpage, 'uploader', fatal=False)
view_count = self._extract_count(
r'<span class="count">([\d,\.]+)</span> views', webpage, 'view')
r'<span class="count">([\d,\.]+)</span> [Vv]iews', webpage, 'view')
like_count = self._extract_count(
r'<span class="votesUp">([\d,\.]+)</span>', webpage, 'like')
dislike_count = self._extract_count(
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