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[ChangeLog] Actualize

[ci skip]
parent 1ca5f821
version <unreleased>
* [extractor/common] Relax interaction count extraction in _json_ld
+ [extractor/common] Extract author as uploader for VideoObject in _json_ld
* [downloader/hls] Fix incorrect end byte in Range HTTP header for
media segments with EXT-X-BYTERANGE (#14748, #24512)
* [extractor/common] Handle ssl.CertificateError in _request_webpage (#26601)
* [downloader/http] Improve timeout detection when reading block of data
* [downloader/http] Retry download when urlopen times out (#10935, #26603)
* [redtube] Extend URL regular expression (#26506)
* [twitch] Refactor
* [twitch:stream] Switch to GraphQL and fix reruns (#26535)
+ [telequebec] Add support for brightcove videos (#25833)
* [pornhub] Extract metadata from JSON-LD (#26614)
* [pornhub] Fix view count extraction (#26621, #26614)
version 2020.09.14
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