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[extractor/common] Handle ssl.CertificateError in _request_webpage (closes #26601)

ssl.CertificateError is raised on some python versions <= 3.7.x
parent cdc55e66
...@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ import os ...@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ import os
import random import random
import re import re
import socket import socket
import ssl
import sys import sys
import time import time
import math import math
...@@ -623,9 +624,12 @@ class InfoExtractor(object): ...@@ -623,9 +624,12 @@ class InfoExtractor(object):
url_or_request = update_url_query(url_or_request, query) url_or_request = update_url_query(url_or_request, query)
if data is not None or headers: if data is not None or headers:
url_or_request = sanitized_Request(url_or_request, data, headers) url_or_request = sanitized_Request(url_or_request, data, headers)
exceptions = [compat_urllib_error.URLError, compat_http_client.HTTPException, socket.error]
if hasattr(ssl, 'CertificateError'):
try: try:
return self._downloader.urlopen(url_or_request) return self._downloader.urlopen(url_or_request)
except (compat_urllib_error.URLError, compat_http_client.HTTPException, socket.error) as err: except tuple(exceptions) as err:
if isinstance(err, compat_urllib_error.HTTPError): if isinstance(err, compat_urllib_error.HTTPError):
if self.__can_accept_status_code(err, expected_status): if self.__can_accept_status_code(err, expected_status):
# Retain reference to error to prevent file object from # Retain reference to error to prevent file object from
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